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Should British government spies get bonuses?

Spying on peaceful protesters has been stepped up considerably and a huge central data base has been created by the British government. The data gathering is so aggressive, that CIA is currently investigating whether the bonuses being refused to bankers are being now paid to spies. A report from Faslane, Scotland.


Geschrieben von Lilith II am Donnerstag 12. März 2009

CIA invades English court

On March 9th, CIA agents Lilith II and Bonya smuggled themselved inside Reading Magistrates court to assist the trial of five outstanding woman who (like the CIA) had helped to shut down the nuclear bomb factory in Aldermaston on October 27th 2008.

Bonya and Lilith II doing court support at Reading court on 9 March 2009


Geschrieben von Lilith II am Mittwoch 11. März 2009

Nuclear power plants increase cancer risk


Children aged under five living within a 3-mile radius of a nuclear power plant, are more than twice as likely to get leukaemia.


Geschrieben von Lilith II am Montag 20. Oktober 2008

NATO closed by peace activists

On Easter Saturday, 1000 peace activists and 3 cows visited the NATO headquarters in Brussels to investigate the preparation of war crimes and ask for the disarmament of all nuclear weapons.

Cia & Friends


Geschrieben von Lilith II am Mittwoch 26. März 2008

NATO – Game over

Nato - Game over!

On Easter Lilith II and other CIA agents are going to Brussels for a civil inspection of NATO-Headquarters

What’s it all about? mehr…

Geschrieben von Lilith II am Mittwoch 30. Januar 2008