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CIA meets Percy Schmeiser

Percy Schmeiser was tracked by CIA-founder Lilith II at the conference of GMO-free regions in Lucerne . 250 people from more than 30 countries met at a conference centre by the lake to make a GM-free world a reality.

Lilith II and Percy Schmeiser

„It was a big honour and pleasure for me to meet Percy Schmeiser this afternoon“, said Lilith II, „He is much braver than CIA agents because he has refused to give in to pressures and intimitations by biotech giant Monsanto.“
Percy and Louise Schmeiser helped to make Monsanto’s methods of intimidation known to the wide public and were awarded the Right Livelihood Award (alternative Nobel prize) in 2007.

Conference Food and Democracy

Website of Percy Schmeiser

Geschrieben von Lilith II am Freitag 24. April 2009